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About Benay

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The joy of the massage.

Transforming Lives with Holistic Therapies  

 [this is not just massage]

Benay Behnke is a Certified Raindrop Harmonics Practitioner and a Certified Vibrational Raindrop Specialist. Very few are certified in this technique in the USA.  She is the only one in the state of Texas.   Her range of training in different holistic therapies allow her to incorporate them into her full body treatments which are what make her unique from anyone else in this area.  The advanced holistic therapies given are based upon individual needs at the time of each session.  

Essential Oils have long been known for their healing characteristics and are especially powerful when used with intention. Dr Gary Young developed the Raindrop technique which is a method of applying organic therapeutic-grade essential oils to the feet and back of spine using special techniques such as Vitaflex, effleurage, and dropping the oils in raindrop fashion on the spine. Electrical energy is generated with massage which causes a release along nerve pathways.  

Benay is also a Certified Aromatherapy Coach. There are times where she makes her own blends of oils to better meet a clients particular needs.

Tuning Forks may be used to add the power of vibration to the healing energy of essential oils. Used in pairs the forks create intervals of sound to balance the Autonomic Nervous system which are applied up and down the spine and the bottoms of the feet to promote change within the mind and body. Dr. Christi Bonds is the developer of Raindrop Harmonics Technique and Vibrational Raindrop Technique. Benay is certified from the master herself and continues to be trained with new protocols twice a year at AromaSounds in Paducah, Kentucky.

Infrared LIght Therapy maybe used to promote healing within deeper tissues.  FDA approved device.

Benay is the author of Think Well Live Well Now and is dedicated to bringing people a greater understanding of their psychological thought connections, empowering them to make transformational changes in their lives.  

Light of Life. Her book is available from her or on  Amazon,