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Get Personalized Soundtracks with Biofeedback

What are Personalized Soundtracks

By using Biofeedback Sound Therapy a personal scan of ones current health concerns can be turned into a soundtrack that you can download onto an app on your phone. Then listen as often as you like.


What is Biofeedback Sound Therapy

New research reveals that the sound of your voice carries important encoded information.  Sophistocated technology can personalize frequencies based on the results and then those tones can be listened to on your phone.  

Very personalized soundtracks for current health concerns are created for listening.

Get your personal subscription of therapeutic frequencies sent to you weekly via email for you as a soundtrack to download to an app on your phone.

With Subscription its less than $25 a session!!

It goes anywhere you go with your phone or tablet transmitting therapeutic frequencies to you from a downloadable app

Personalized Soundtracks

Home Clearing

Success Manifestation

Increase Abundance

Clear Emotional Pain

Harmonize Toxic Exposures

Check Energetic Food Reactions

Muscle Fatique

Blood presssure


Anti-aging Solutions

PTSD Solutions




Leaky Gut

Acupressure Points


Immune system boost

Skin disturbances

Weight release

Plus many more 







and more...

WHAT IS Biofeedback and HOW DOES IT WORK?

Think of what it is like to feel the best you have ever felt. Now, recall what it was like when you felt sick or unwell. Notice how quickly you could switch your experience from one to the other. In truth, healing can happen this way. Quantum physics has revealed that the difference between these two experiences is simply a switch in the electrical flow through the body. Electrical flow is measured through frequency. By changing your frequency, it is possible to achieve many changes of mind, body and spirit.

My work with the Genius Biofeedback system assists you with frequencies that encourage harmony and feelings of wellness. My clients have reported that they experience a new inner calm, better sleep, more energy and a sense of revitalization after each session.

How it Works

New research reveals that the sound of your voice carries important encoded information. This information can be interpreted with the right technology. This biofeedback system essentially measures your frequency by a sophisticated method of listening to your voice. A frequency is mathematically calculated and then compared to the frequencies within the program. From there, personalized frequencies are selected for you based on the results. The frequencies are then played for you in order to create a positive response. Many people find that listening to the frequencies is soothing and relaxing and creates a positive change.

Benay is a Certified Biofeedback Practitioner 

15 years of experience

Simple steps to get your frequencies:

Step 1: 

Make your appointment. You will receive email with Skype meeting link.

If you prefer appt. in person just show up at desired location!

Step 2:

After assessment is done an email containing your healthy tones of frequencies are sent to you to download into the app on your phone.

Step 3: Download them to your app and play them as often as you like during the week. Repeat every week. SIMPLE